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‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Preview: Uniquely familiar

Beyond: Two Souls doesn’t launch until October 8, but with the demo now on the PlayStation Network, I took some time to play (and replay) what Quantic Dream had to showcase. For those that don’t know, Beyond: Two Souls centers around a woman’s life from early childhood into young adulthood named Jodie Holmes, played by […]Read More


‘Half-Life 3’ trademark registered

Could it be actually happening? For real this time? Intrepid NeoGAFer shinobi602 has uncovered trademark registration for Half-Life 3. While this is just for the European Union, everything checks out with my limited knowledge of trademark registration. Valve’s name is there, and this is the actual EU trademark website. Check out shinobi602’s screenshots. When I searched […]Read More


Valve announces SteamOS

Today, Valve ripped the cover off of SteamOS. The Linux variant is aimed at home theatre computers and will allow native Linux gaming, and the ability to stream games from your Windows or Mac systems onto the living room television. In addition to the gaming functions of the operating system, Valve is working with currently […]Read More


Why I’m already bored of the PS4 & Xbox One

As the next-generation looms, both launch line-ups leave me underwhelmed, and I’m not personally seeing anything truly interesting in AAA games. Sure they have a lot of third-party support from Ubisoft, and both consoles have their share of first-party exclusives in the retail department. But I find myself just not feeling any of the games […]Read More