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Leaked Documents Reveal That ‘Fallout 4’ Is In Development

After a hoax that—in the opinions of Fallout fans the world over—was little more than a statement of virtual false hope-inducing cruelty, an anonymous source has revealed that the previously stated series is to get a new installment. Currently in development, the latest addition of the Fallout series—first reported on Kotaku—is to be set on […]Read More


Bethesda trademarks ‘Fallout 4,’ countdown site launched

Start stockpiling your Rad-X and stimpacks and find the nearest underground bunker. Developer Bethesda has registered a trademark for Fallout 4 in Europe, leading some to the conclusion that an announcement may be imminent. A trademark in and of itself isn’t much cause for alarm, but it’s paired with the existence of a domain registered […]Read More


Bethesda files trademark for ‘Fallout’ TV show

Bethesda has been busy the past couple of years, snapping up companies and licenses like nobody’s business to widen their shed of properties. Earlier this month, they moved forward into a different medium: television. According to the Fallout wiki, Bethesda registered a trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office for “entertainment serices in […]Read More


Bethesda Teases New Announcement With Screenshot

Earlier today, Bethesda posted a picture today that has the internet up in arms. Speculation states that it could be from Skyrim DLC, a new Fallout, or Dishonored footage. The text accompanied with the picture simply reads “tomorrow” and nothing else.  The character looks very similar to the standard “Nord” character in Skyrim, but doesn’t […]Read More