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PS3 Exclusive Agent Still Being Worked On

A long time ago, Sony was hyping up their Playstation 3 exclusive Agent.  The game looked incredibly promising and most gamers were excited to see a stealth-style game from Rockstar come to the PS3. Well, that was in 2007.  Since then, very little has been released on the title and many have questioned whether or […]Read More


Rumor: Syphon Filter 4 Being Unveiled Next Month

For what seems like forever, Syphon Filter 4 has been “rumored” to be announced.  The series was extremely popular on Sony’s first two consoles, but has yet to make an appearance on the Playstation 3. Thanks to a rumor posted by Sillegamer, it appears that Sony is set to reveal Syphon Filter 4 next month. […]Read More


‘The Last Of Us’ Is The Playstation 3’s New Exclusive

The Spike TV Video Game Awards are just a week away,  and they promise to show us the world premiers of all new titles. We’re getting a sneak peak at one early, however, as IGN has provided the teaser trailer for the PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Last of Us. The very brief trailer below is […]Read More