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EA to release next-gen titles before consoles hit the market

Several of Electronic Arts’ upcoming next-gen titles will hit stores before the consoles are on the shelves, the company has confirmed. Several titles, like FIFA 14, Battlefield 4 and Madden NFL 25, will release three days before the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles themselves are actually for sale in North America. The games will […]Read More

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‘SimCity’ creative director leaves EA

Industry veteran Ocean Quigley has left EA to form Jellygrade, a new independent studio. Most recently Quigley was the creative director for SimCity, but he was also the art director for Spore, SimCity 4, and Sim City 3000. He announced via tweet that “after 17 years on SimCity it was time for something new.” Jellygrade will consist of other Sim […]Read More


Electronic Arts begins eliminating online passes

If you’ve been one of the many who has always despised online passes, today might just be like a second birthday for you. As a NeoGAF noticed that Electronic Arts had made various online passes for their title free. The passes which were previously listed for prices between 800 and 1200 Microsoft Points ($10 – […]Read More