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Bethesda teases new ‘Skyrim’ DLC

Betheseda has began teasing the next expansion for Skyrim as they tweeted an image this afternoon and dated the trailer for the DLC. Full Trailer on 11/5 twitpic.com/b9pys5 — BethesdaGameStudios (@BGS_Devs) November 2, 2012 Just last week, Bethesda announced a new Premium Edition of Skyrim, just in time for the Holidays. We’ll keep you updated when the full trailer […]Read More


Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC Receives a Trailer

Even if you have been playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim consistently since its launch, you’re bound to still find new things.  The game is absolutely massive and is set to get even larger with the release of the Dawnguard downloadable content this Summer. You’ll be able to score Dawnguard for 1600 points and you’ll […]Read More


Skyrim’s First DLC Announced, Called Dawnguard

Rejoice Skyrim owners, as the very first downloadable content has been announced by Bethesda.  Along with the teaser image that was included, Bethesda revealed that Skyrim’s first downloadable content would be called “Dawnguard”. It’s been a great day for Skyrim fans, as the Kinect update hit the Xbox 360 today as well. Xbox 360 owners […]Read More


Skyrim Kinect Update Hits Xbox Live Today

Today, you’ll be able to shout at your TV and receive instant gratification.  Well, that is if you’re an owner of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Kinect. Bethesda has released the Kinect patch to Skyrim today, and there’s over 200 voice commands that will be available at your disposal.  With so many commands, it’s […]Read More


Bethesda Announces Kinect Support for Skyrim

Ever thought that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim needed Kinect support? Well, you probably didn’t wish for it, but Bethesda has added it to the juggernaut title regardless. Thankfully, the Kinect support that will be added to the title will be voice commands and not require you to flail your arms around.  Players will be […]Read More


Learn How to Steal Successfully in Skyrim

For most of the gaming population, it’s probably safe to say that you either attended a midnight launch last night or will be picking up Skyrim this weekend.  While not everyone will be picking it up, the shear number of people excited for the title is definitely impressive. Thanks to our friends over at VG247, a […]Read More