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‘Thief’ coming to Xbox One

Absent from Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox One this morning was the announcement of Thief coming to the platform, but a Tweet from the official Thief Twitter account can confirm that.   YES! @thief will be coming to Microsoft ‘s #XboxOne! Steal a glimpse of the next generation- ow.ly/lfPHn #MasterThief #XboxReveal — Thief (@Thief) May […]Read More


Square Enix charging $30 for ‘Tomb Raider’ language pack

Sometimes I really don’t understand Square Enix. The Tomb Raider reboot released in early March will finally reach Japanese shores later this month. Unfortunately, Japanese voice work wasn’t included in the original audio options. And with distribution services like Steam on PC, something had to be done. What was Square’s answer to this problem? A $30 “Japanese […]Read More


‘Thief’ receives debut trailer

The first official trailer for Eidos Montreal’s reboot of the stealthy Thief franchise has been leaked. This Quebec-based development house found a great deal of success reviving the famed Deus Ex franchise back in 2011, and now it’s investing heavily in bringing back the original assassin. A trailer was teased just days ago for this mysterious project, and now, […]Read More