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Metacritic: the gatekeeper that needs clarity

Metacritic has been in the news again lately, this time because some apparent insights into the site’s “weighing” system. Data recently revealed in a study from Adams Greenwood-Ericsen of Full Sail University made some pretty damning claims concerning how the site weights review scores for their “Metascore.” And while this does reignite a discussion about […]Read More


EA’s Changing Focus: Anti-Consumerism

EA is facing a crossroads at the end of this console generation. The internet has certainly made this seventh generation of hardware more attractive than any before, but not without their own special kind of bullshit interspersed. Day-one DLC, patch culture, retail specific pre-order DLC, and online passes have all paved the way for mega […]Read More


Why South Park Could Change Video Games

Matt Stone and Trey Parker aren’t afraid of going against the grain. The creators of universal hit show South Park singlehandedly transformed Comedy Central from a cookie cutter cable rerun network into – to the irk of delicate sensibilities everywhere – a household name after the cartoon debuted back in 1997. The duo has since […]Read More