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Call of Duty MW3 June DLC Video Preview

Today Modern Warfare 3 Elite members will be able to download three new maps for the game mode Face Off and one new Spec Ops mission called Arctic Recon. The three Face Off maps included in the DLC are: Intersection, U-Turn, and Vortex. Below is a single match on each of the maps to give […]Read More


Official Modern Warfare 3 Achievements Revealed

Next week Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will hit store shelves, but some players might want to take a look at the achievements in advance. Good news for those players who like to plan out their play sessions with achievements in mind. Below is the full list of achievements, but will contain some spoilers […]Read More


Call of Duty Elite: Behind The Scenes

On November 8th Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will hit store shelves and will also release a new way to play the Call of Duty series with Call of Duty Elite. The Elite service will keep track of stats, maps, weapons, and make sure players get the most out of the game that they […]Read More