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Rumor: Durango reveal expected in April

It’s been an absolutely whirlwind of PlayStation 4 news over the last few hours, but it seems like Microsoft will takes its time to gather itself before a Durango reveal. Reports from members of the media and other attendees at the recent Sony event have pegged an announcement for the Durango (also known as the […]Read More


Will the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 be enough?

Let’s face it: the gaming industry is in a peculiar spot. Social games continue to dominate Facebook walls, free-to-play experiences flood mobile marketplaces and Call of Duty still sells more than any other piece of interactive entertainment out there. Grizzled industry veterans like THQ and Atari have blown the last of their cash on projects […]Read More


Rumor: Xbox 720 hardware detailed, includes eight cores

More information on Microsoft’s next-generation console, known as both the Xbox 720 and the Durango, has been discovered through a Chinese website. TGFC let the “facts” slip, which were backed up by a man claiming to be a former employee of Ubisoft in China. Since his previous studio had the console in-house in order to develop a yet-to-be-announced game, […]Read More


Xbox 720 Development Kit Photos Leaked

Some images of the Xbox 720 development kit have leaked as a member of a developer forum has attempted to sell the kit for a whopping $10,000. Although initially met with a good amount of skepticism, Digital Foundry has spoken to “multiple developers working on next-gen projects” and confirmed that this is a legitimate kit. Described as “”an anonymous-looking black […]Read More


Rumor: Microsoft in Manfucturing Stage for Xbox 720

While you’ve heard plenty of rumors state that the Xbox 720 is still a few years away, today’s rumor makes 2013 look like a definite possibility.  Microsoft’s current console, the Xbox 360, is manufactured in Austin, Texas at Flextronics.  The significance? It appears that the same facility is now beginning to manufacture the Xbox 720. […]Read More