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Rumor: ‘Driveclub’ may release Feb. 22

Sony’s PlayStation 4 exclusive Driveclub may release this February, just in time for the console’s Japanese release, according to a posting by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia. The game was previously delayed to a vague “early 2014” release window, but on the PS4 Hub of Sony’s official Japanese site, Driveclub is listed among titles […]Read More


‘Driveclub’ delayed to early 2014

In a week of delays for Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs and The Crew, we have another unforunate delay and it’s a Sony exclusive this time. As reported yesterday, Sony has confirmed that racing game Driveclub has been delayed. President, SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the news in a blog post, reasons stating that it just needs […]Read More


Rumor: ‘Driveclub possibly delayed to 2014

It’s already been a rough week for gamers with the next-gen glint in their eye with the delay of both Watch Dogs and The Crew delayed to 2014. Now, it looks like Driveclub may also get smacked with a delay.  Driveclub is a racing game slated to be one of the PS4’s launch titles. There wasn’t a lot revealed […]Read More


Sony releases new screenshots of Playstation 4’s UI

With the launch of the Playstation 4, Sony will be releasing a brand new user interface. While the XMB was solid for the Playstation 3, it quickly felt old after Microsoft released numerous variations and updates for the Xbox Live dashboard. Sony is showing off the PS4 user interface again, as they’ve released ten new […]Read More


New ‘DriveClub’ screens show off sweet racing action

Not much is known yet about DriveClub, the upcoming PlayStation 4 racer developed by Evolution Studios. We know it’s a PS4 launch title focused on, naturally, driving (and perhaps even clubs of some kind) and that the studio behind the title is no stranger to race titles, being responsible for the PS3’s MotorStorm franchise and […]Read More