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Dragon’s Dogma Launch Trailer Released by Capcom

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Capcom has unleashed the launch trailer for its open-world, fantasy epic Dragon’s Dogma. Set for a May 22 release, Dragon’s Dogma is an action title with a co-op focus. As the “Arisen,” your group of warriors must battle goblins, chimeras, and of course, dragons in a vast and unique […]Read More


Dragon’s Dogma Preview

If there’s one thing that both Capcom games and hack and slash titles have in common, it’s a tendency to be linear, guided experiences that hinge on a strong character. Devil May Cry, Onimusha, God Hand – if Capcom’s behind the wheel of a game with a sharp weapon in it, expect narrow paths and […]Read More


Official Achievements for Dragon’s Dogma

Next month, the creators of Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry 4 will bring you Dragon’s Dogma.  Published by Capcom, you assume the role of the “chosen one”. A dragon rips your heart out, but somehow you survive. Crazy, we know, right? After you realize that you’re going to survive, you’re off to find […]Read More