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‘Dragon Quest X’ Wii U opens to abysmal sales

The sales figures for the Dragon Quest X port on Wii U are far below expectations, perpetuating Square Enix’s disappointment over the MMO. This Japanese title, which is a member of one of the most popular franchises to ever land in the Land of the Rising Sun, released to this new console last week. Just 33,302 […]Read More


‘Dragon Quest X’ sees an official Wii U trailer

Square Enix has just released an extended gameplay trailer for the Wii U version of its popular MMORPG, Dragon Quest X. It may be full of Japanese text, but the key differences between the Wii U version and the previously released editions can be gleaned from the footage. Everything about the graphics has been polished […]Read More


‘Dragon Quest X’ sales below expectations

Dragon Quest X, an expensive online RPG with Square Enix at the helm, has not met the company’s expectations, and is a big reason for the studio’s recent financial issues. MSN Japan has reported that this major publisher/developer is in the red for the first time since the merger of Square and Enix, falling well below […]Read More


Dragon Quest X Will Be Supported for 10 Years

The Wii may be on its way out, but that doesn’t mean one more long-lasting, blockbuster game can’t be released on it, right? That’s the current thought running through the minds of Square Enix developers, as the MMO Dragon Quest X has just released in Japan with the promise of years of support. Instead of […]Read More