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Ron Gilbert leaves Double Fine

Ron Gilbert, the mastermind behind the Monkey Island series, has officially left Double Fine Productions. Gilbert made a statement through his blog, explaining the departure. Now that The Cave is done and unleashed on an unsuspecting world, it’s time for me to move on from Double Fine and plot my next move. So many games left to […]Read More


Double Fine considering THQ title purchase

The creative folks over at Double Fine may be busy with an adventure game born on Kickstarter and a slew of Amnesia Fortnight titles, but that doesn’t mean the studio can’t at least take a peak at a few THQ properties going up for auction. Value investor Distressed Debt Investing has been doing some work […]Read More


Official Achievements for ‘The Cave’

Double Fine sure has released a wide variety of games over the past few years, but the developer will be taking a cue from some older adventure games with the upcoming release of The Cave. Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert will be working together to create something reminiscent of Maniac Mansion, with a multitude of playable characters and […]Read More


Interview: Double Fine succeeds in breaking the Kinect

Since the initial announcement of the Kinect in 2009, developers have searched high and low for the types of games that “work” with the motion-control technology. It’s not as easy as porting a blockbuster title like Call of Duty to a hands-free system and cashing a paycheck, as some genres just don’t translate to this popular-yet-experimental […]Read More