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Elijah Wood joins ‘Broken Age’ cast

Broken Age, The Kickstarter phenomenon from Double Fine Productions, has announced that Elijah Wood is voicing Shay, the game’s second main character. The news comes via the VGXs, where they also revealed an extended look at the game. The game will star two young protagonists looking to break free from the shackles of their humdrum lives. […]Read More


The Cave PAX Screens Show Varied Environments And Vending Machines

Double Fine Productions and Sega have released a new batch of screenshots from Ron Gilbert’s upcoming adventure game-platformer hybrid The Cave. The screens, fresh from PAX Prime 2012, show off a few of the different environments and characters from the game, in which you’ll take control of adventurers who enter a sentient cave. If these intrigue you, then […]Read More