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Microsoft details reorganization after Mattrick’s departure

Microsoft has remained mum on how they’ll be reorganized after Don Mattrick’s departure from Microsoft to Zynga. Today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer emailed his staff detailing the reorganization. The company will have several divisions but Engineering is the division that tackles Xbox One. That division specifically will be split into four units: Operating Systems, Applications […]Read More


Julie Larson-Green might become head of Xbox development

Julie Larson-Green, currently in charge of Windows, could be in line to take up the Xbox and Surface hardware division, a position that was being targeted at former Xbox head Don Mattrick before his decision to leave Microsoft for Zynga, Bloomberg reports. The announcement has not been confirmed, but in this new position, Larson-Green would […]Read More


Xbox One to feature independent creators program for indies

The Xbox One will have a program designed to feature independent game developers, says Microsoft’s head of interactive entertainment Don Mattrick. Speak with Kotaku, Mattrick said that Microsoft has plans for an “independent creator program,” something that Mattrick thinks “is important,” citing his early days in the video game industry as a developer on Test […]Read More