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‘Tomb Raider’ selling single-player upgrades

Tomb Raider may not be getting any substantial single-player DLC, but that doesn’t mean that Square Enix isn’t allowed to sell players campaign-exclusive upgrades for a nominal fee. Right now on Steam, owners of the Tomb Raider reboot can spend a dollar on stat-boosting upgrades only applicable to the game’s campaign. It is possible to […]Read More


‘Dead Space 3: Awakened’ DLC now available

Oh, you’re itching to relieve some more overburdened Necromorphs of their limbs, are you? Lucky for you, then, that Dead Space 3‘s “Awakened” DLC – the first story-based downloadable content for Visceral Games’ action-horror title – hit the digital marketplace today. The hours-long content once again puts players in the boots of franchise protagonist Isaac […]Read More


‘Halo 4’ Castle Map Pack coming April 8

The Halo 4 multiplayer action will keep on rolling next month; developer 343 Industries announced today that the latest map pack, Castle, will hit Xbox Live on April 8. According to a blog post by Major Nelson, the pack will contain three new battlefields – Daybreak, Outcast and Perdition – will be available for 800 […]Read More


‘Assassin Creed III’ gets first chapter of ‘King Washington’ Feb. 19

The much-awaited premier episode of “The Tyranny of King Washington” will soon be here. First revealed prior to the release of Assassin’s Creed III, “The Tyranny of King Washington” branches off from Connor’s main story and provides an alternate-universe retelling of the country’s leadership after the Revolutionary War. “The Infamy,” will be released on Feb. 19 as […]Read More