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New ‘Disney Infinity’ trailer shows off ToyBox mode, homages gaming classics

Disney Interactive Studios’ upcoming Disney Infinity will be the latest game to tackle the burgeoning “video games but with action figures” genre, with a new action-adventure title featuring characters from every Disney franchise imaginable. One thing Infinity has over similar games like Activision’s Skylanders is its extensive ToyBox mode, which puts game creation tools in […]Read More


Disney shutting down LucasArts [UPDATE]

According to sources who have spoken to both Kotaku and Game Informer, Disney is closing down game publisher, LucasArts. 150 employees will also be laid off, and Disney will keep the Lucasarts name around to license games. An official statement from Disney sheds some light on their reasons for the closure, albeit while attempting to […]Read More


‘Epic Mickey 2’ coming to PlayStation Vita

Last year’s sequel to the colorful Epic Mickey franchise, The Power of Two, will be making its way to Sony’s PlayStation Vita in late 2013. The official Disney UK Twitter account broke the portable news this morning, posting about the project and its future release. No exact date has been supplied at this time. We’re pleased […]Read More

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Disney closes Junction Point

Junction Point, the studio behind Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2, has officially been closed by Disney. According to Disney, this decision is part of an, “ongoing effort to address the fast-evolving gaming platforms and marketplace.” Epic Mickey 2 was probably the final straw for the company, as it was neither a critical nor commercial success. The studio […]Read More