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New Dishonored Footage Shows Off Player Choice

The folks over at Arkane Studios are hard at work putting the final touches on the wonderfully unique Dishonored, but they still made time to reveal new content at this year’s Gamescom. In an interview captured by the kind souls at VG24/7, creative lead Raf Colantonio walks us through one mission which details the game’s […]Read More


New Screens for Dishonored

As Bethesda and Arkane Studios are putting some final touches on their October release, Dishonored, they’ve decided to share with us a new set of screenshots. The photos show off some of the game’s unique powers, strange characters, and that steampunk design introduced in the first trailer. For those of you who are a little late […]Read More


Dishonored Set to Release This October

Dishonored, Arkane Studios’ upcoming first-person action game with an emphasis on stealth, will be releasing on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC October 9 in North America and October 12 in Europe. Bethesda broke the news this morning in a blog post, where they also revealed the below box art. The open-world, steampunk adventure will now be […]Read More


Bethesda Unveils a New Dishonored Trailer

For lovers of Assassin’s Creed and BioShock, Bethesda has quite a treat for you today.  After teasing gamers with a rather vague screenshot for an announcement today, Bethesda rolled out an impressive trailer for Dishonored. In the trailer, which is all CGI, you’ll see quite a bit of action.  Like quite a few Bethesda games, […]Read More


Bethesda Teases New Announcement With Screenshot

Earlier today, Bethesda posted a picture today that has the internet up in arms. Speculation states that it could be from Skyrim DLC, a new Fallout, or Dishonored footage. The text accompanied with the picture simply reads “tomorrow” and nothing else.  The character looks very similar to the standard “Nord” character in Skyrim, but doesn’t […]Read More