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First Battlefield 3: Aftermath Details Emerge

With Armored Kill details being fully fleshed out recently, DICE is beginning to tease Aftermath which will take place in post-earthquake Tehran as gamers partake in a “continuing struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation.” The four maps that the content will ship focus heavily on “vertical and horizontal urban combat. . .with cracks […]Read More


Battlefield 4 Beta Hits Fall 2013

A few days ago, we reported on the “newly announced” beta for Battlefield 4. EA’s online Origin store essentially leaked the game’s existence through an image promoting Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and now we have even further evidence of what should be a massive shooter through a piece of developer commentary put out this morning. Danger Close’s […]Read More


Battlefield 3 Double XP Week Kicks Off Today

If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to grind a few levels on Battlefield 3, then now is the perfect time for you.  DICE & EA have announced that this week will contain double XP for Battlefield 3 players. If you’re a subscriber to Battlefield 3’s Premium service, you’ll have the double XP all […]Read More


Battlefield 3 to Receive Double XP This Weekend

For Battlefield 3, a new kind of weekend event is set to hit the title.  This weekend, gamers on Battlefield 3 will be able to earn double XP in their multiplayer matches. It’s a little different from what fans of the first-person genre may have grown accustomed to, however.  Instead of the event starting today […]Read More


Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 Update Goes Live

Fans of Battlefield 3 have been looking forward to finally receiving the latest patch on their console.  DICE & EA have officially released the Battlefield 3 update today which has a rather extensive list of fixes. One of the bigger features that goes live with the patch is the ability to rent servers.  When you […]Read More