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Blizzard teases ‘Diablo III’ expansion titled ‘Reaper of Souls’

One thing developer Blizzard is known for is taking its sweet time on projects, adapting an “it’s ready when it’s ready” mentality that has given gamers excruciating waits in exchange for a robust, polished product when they finally do release (early Diablo III server woes notwithstanding). Now, several months after the release of Diablo III and a short time […]Read More


‘Diablo 3’ coming to PS3, PS4

Chris Metzen took the stage to announce a partnership between Blizzard Entertainment and Sony PlayStation. In doing so, Metzen announced that Diablo 3 will be coming to both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The game will feature both local and online four-player co-op gameplay without split-screen.Read More


‘Diablo 3’ director transitions to unnamed Blizzard project

Diablo 3 director Jay Wilson is transitioning to a different project within Blizzard, he announced Thursday. “I’ve reached a point creatively where I’m looking forward to working on something new,” Wilson shared on the official Diablo 3 forums. “I will be moving off of the Diablo III project and transitioning elsewhere within Blizzard. This decision […]Read More


‘Diablo 3’ running on consoles, no release details yet

The PC gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment has been hinting at a possible console version of Diablo 3 since its release. Chief creative officer Rob Pardo recently discussed this possibility with Polygon, detailing the projects current status. According to Pardo, they already have a build running on an unspecified console. “We’ve got builds up and running on it. […]Read More