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First ‘Destiny’ gameplay footage & details revealed

For quite some time, gamers have been anxiously awaiting the “official” announcement of Bungie’s Destiny. Today, Bungie has pulled back the title on their upcoming title and Destiny has both gameplay and details revealed. Bungie released a ViDoc to start off the reveal which discussed the universe, showcased a few mobile options to keep you […]Read More


Bungie selling ‘Destiny’ faction gear

Excited to dig into all of the Destiny news tomorrow? Well, if you want to support the project before it’s even officially unveiled, you can throw some money down on a t-shirt over at the developer’s store right now. The info dump on the Halo creator’s next shooter will happen tomorrow morning, and honestly, we’re […]Read More


ARG on Bungie website could be ‘Destiny’ related

Companies are devising ever-more ingenious ways to viral market their product, from joke products to alternate websites. Bungie appears to be attempting the same thing. A strange ARG (Alternate Reality Game) has appeared on the Bungie website that tasks visitors with aligning little diamonds correctly to natch “the day’s pattern to the light.” Savvy users […]Read More