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20 More Awesome Looking ‘Destiny’ Screenshots

About a week ago, 8 Destiny screenshots were revealed via the PlayStation Tumblr.  Today we have 20 screenshots courtesy of Bungie.  A few of them are repeats but the majority of them are brand new. There are still plenty of questions regarding Destiny but one thing it seems Bungie wants to make abundantly clear is […]Read More


Bungie announces ‘Destiny’ release date for September 2014

Since the debut of Destiny, the game has had the industry’s attention. While we’ve seen snippets of gameplay mostly in the form of a teaser, the main question has surfaced around the game’s release date. That question has now been answered, as Destiny has been confirmed to release on September 9th, 2014. With the game releasing on […]Read More


Bungie teases new creepy enemy for ‘Destiny’

If you’ve been following Halo developer Bungie’s new game, Destiny, on Twitter, you will have seen a good amount of new game materials, tidbits about the classes, and some neat artwork and screenshots. The newest entry is something to really pay attention to. Playing on that memorable line from Jaws, the Destiny account tweeted a freaky-looking new foe accompanied by […]Read More