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The five best comic book games of this console generation

Comic books and video games have long been intertwined – game developers realized pretty early on that the target demographic for stories about guys in tights punching each other and interactive storytelling had a lot of overlap, and have been working to capitalize on that opportunity ever since. Each console generation brings with it a […]Read More


‘Deadpool’ Review

At one point in Deadpool, High Moon’s take on Marvel’s foul mouthed anti-hero, you’re presented with a quick time event in which you get to slap Wolverine across the face. Now what makes this particular quick time event worth noting is that it can go on for a long time, multiple minutes in fact. After […]Read More

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‘Deadpool’ releases this summer

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new on High Moon Studios’ upcoming Deadpool game. For those that have been reading comics, got a nice little surprise for when we’ll see everyone’s favourite anti-hero. This ad for the game displays a release window of Summer 2013. All we knew before was it was coming […]Read More


High Moon Studios Developing Deadpool Game

Currently known for their expertise on the robots in disguise, the team over at High Moon Studios had been rumored to be working with the Marvel license for a few weeks now. It was really anyone’s guess on what game could be in development due to Marvel’s massive list of characters, but it’s been revealed that Deadpool […]Read More