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‘Dead or Alive 5’ on PSN on Day 1

Much like Borderlands 2 yesterday, Dead or Alive 5 will be seeing a digital release on the PlayStation 3 the same day the physical copy releases on September 25, so you can go green and get BOOBS ON YO TV. An important distinction here is that the 360 will actually not be seeing this digital release right […]Read More


Official Achievements for Dead or Alive 5

With the release of Dead or Alive 5 under a month away, the official achievements are finally making their rounds. 48 different tasks stand between you and 1000 points, and only three of them are secret. Considering some require hundreds of fights, they won’t all be a simple as you may expect. Fighting Entertainment (10 points) […]Read More


New Trailer for DOA 5 Shows Tag Team Action

The Dead or Alive franchise has always been the weird uncle of the fighting game scene. It’s had a few… questionable entries, but there have been some great moments in the series’ history. A few years have passed since we’ve seen a DOA on consoles, but Team Ninja has been hard at work on Dead or Alive 5, and there’s […]Read More