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Bidding officially closed in THQ auction

When it was first announced that THQ was officially calling it quits on their financially failing organization, the first question on everyones mind was, “what are they going to do with the games?” The answer? Auction off the rights to current series where secondary and tertiary titles were still in talks, if not currently, being […]Read More


Crytek USA to bid on ‘Darksiders’ IP

The Darksiders franchise has hit some hard times following THQ’s downfall. Nobody’s for certain what would happen to it and while it wasn’t part of the original bidding process along with Saints Row and Metro, it would be part of the legacy bidding later on. Now we have some interesting words from the head of […]Read More


Platinum Games may pick up ‘Darksiders’

Yesterday’s auction of THQ’s assets saw plenty of studios moving on to new, exciting publishers, but Darksiders developer Vigil Games was left out in the cold. Now, thanks to some Twitter investigation, it seems like Platinum Games may be interested in joining forces with the Four Horsemen. IGN was first to report that spotter and translator […]Read More