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6 Best Game Series of This Generation

With this console generation coming to a close, it is time to look back at some of the games that made these past several years so much fun. Here are six series that really stood apart from everything else for their innovations in gameplay, storytelling, and artistic merit. The main rule of this list is […]Read More


‘Dark Souls II’ announced with debut trailer

In an announcement that kind of came out of nowhere, the Spike Video Game Awards has a new world premiere trailer for a sequel to Dark Souls. The brutal action/adventure game is coming back with another fit of anger management and cool warriors with armor. Check out the CG trailer below: Who really expected this […]Read More


Teaser Trailer for Soul Sacrifice Surfaces

Soul Sacrifice, a mysterious PlayStation Vita title, appeared as an ad in Japanese magazine Famitsu a few weeks ago with no explanation or introduction. Normally, the appearance of a new Vita title without a popular franchise tag attached wouldn’t be very interesting, but Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is holding an official announcement event for it in […]Read More


Dark Souls Trailer Reminds You That You’ll Die

If there’s one thing that comes to your mind when you think of playing Dark Souls, it’s probably death.  Not death because it’s a “bad” game, but “death” because it’s an incredibly challenging game that you’ll die quite often in.  In an era where games have become much easier to figure out, Dark Souls brings […]Read More