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Official Trophy List for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Launching later today, the PS3 version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, comes with an entirely different set of Trophy-goals than its Xbox 360 counterpart. While 360 players will have to “kill 250 enemies with headshots” and “play 5,000 matches of Arms Race or Demolition mode,” PS3 gamers have it a bit easier, as you’ll see. Sony fans also […]Read More


Giveaway: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC

This week should be a great week for Counter-Strike fans.  Valve will be releasing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tomorrow, and they’ve even announced a zombie mod will release for the game as well. In celebration of the release of CS: GO this week, we’ve been provided a key to giveaway a full copy of the game. […]Read More


Zombie Mod Hitting ‘CS:GO’ on Launch

As the world impatiently awaits the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (four days!), the Counter-Strike Blog has revealed some terrifyingly good news. Thanks to the team at plaguefest.com, CS:GO will be accompanied on launch day by a Zombie Mod. Plague Fest has also announced (and is currently beta testing) a Zombie Escape game type that will […]Read More