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‘Crysis 3’ enters the thunder dome on February 19

At an EA preview event last night, Crytek founder Cevat Yerli announced that Crysis 3 will be released in North America on February 19 and a few days later in Europe on Feb 22. Not sure if you want to pick the game up? Why not check out the campaign gameplay trailer and some multiplayer footage embedded below to […]Read More


Crytek making fourth Crysis game, not ‘Crysis 4’

As throngs of graphics-loving fans await the release of Crysis 3, developer Crytek has an eye on the future. According to CEO Cevat Yerli in an interview with Eurogamer, Crytek will be making another Crysis game, but it’s not Crysis 4. Yerli confirmed that Crysis 3 ends the story arch presented in the series’ first trilogy of games, “but it […]Read More