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Crimson Map Pack DLC now available for ‘Halo 4’

The first map pack for Halo 4 launched Monday on the Xbox Live Marketplace just in time for Halo 4’s target demographic to make the hard decision: Study for finals or play Halo 4? The Crimson Map Pack delivers three new maps: Harvest, Shatter, and Wreckage. “Venture into the large, vehicle focused human environs of […]Read More


Crimson Map Pack coming to ‘Halo 4’ on December 10

Microsoft and 343 Industries have announced the release date for the first Halo 4 map pack. The Crimson Map Pack will include three new maps, Harvest, Shatter and Wreckage, it will also see the Extraction gametype added to matchmaking. Extraction is a 5 on 5 objective gametype in which teams must defend supplies as they […]Read More