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NBA 2K13 Cover Athletes Officially Unveiled

Last week, we brought you the leaked teaser image for the NBA 2K13 cover.  While fans were “working” to uncover it, 2K Sports had accidentally leaked it out to the public previous to the reveal. Now that fans have been unable to uncover the NBA 2K13 cover clues how 2K Sports intended, they have revealed […]Read More


EA SPORTS Announces Official NHL 13 Cover Athlete

After what seemed to be a rather lengthy cover vote campaign, EA SPORTS has officially named the cover athlete for NHL 13.  With nearly 26 million votes being cast, fans have selected Claude Giroux to grace the cover for NHL 13. In the finals, nearly two million votes were cast to ultimately declare Claude Giroux […]Read More


First Clues on NBA 2K13 Cover Athletes Revealed

For fans of video games, seeing the official box art for a game they’re interested in is a special occasion.  More and more companies have begun to realize this and presented “unique” ways to unleash their cover. 2K Sports has started a campaign that allows fans to “Unlock the Cover”.  By fans tweeting #UncoverNBA2k, they’ll begin […]Read More


Microsoft Releases Official Halo 4 Box Art

In just under six months, you’ll be able to get your hands on a new adventure in the Halo universe.  This November, Microsoft and 343 Industries will be releasing Halo 4 to the Xbox 360.  Midnight launches and release date delivery are being planned as we speak as fans are anxious to get back to […]Read More


Official Box Art for Twisted Metal Unveiled

With the title launching in February, it was a little odd not to see any final box art for the new Twisted Metal title.  However, David Jaffe has decided to stop any further speculation by providing the box art in it’s near final form. From the fake mock-ups that we’ve seen online, we’re much more […]Read More


Justin Verlander Announced as MLB 2K12 Cover Athlete

MLB 2K12 is likely to be more anticipated by baseball fans than preceding iterations in the 2K franchise, though it’s not for the reasons anyone could have hoped. Since attaining a license with Major League Baseball to be the exclusive third party developer of MLB video games on consoles, the MLB 2K series has been […]Read More