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DayZ Creator Wants Game on Xbox 360 & PS3

The success of DayZ on PC, a game that’s still only in alpha, has been nothing short of impressive.  If the creator of DayZ has anything to say about it, that same success will find its way onto the Xbox 360 and PS3. DayZ is set to receive a standalone version later this year, and […]Read More


Rumor: Pictures of New PS3 Model Leaked

Remember when rumors were floating around last week about a new PS3 model? Well, just to confused the public even more, Technoblog just reported on an image of a different, newly-textured device that resembles the current slim console. Anatel first posted about the mystery console, which seems to have a sliding panel for discs. Other than what can be seen […]Read More


Blizzard Officially Confirms Diablo III for Consoles

While they’ve made it no secret that they’re interested in bringing Diablo III to consoles, Blizzard has finally confirmed that the game will be brought to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  Looking for a press release? Think again. In a tweet from a Blizzard employee earlier today, it was stated that, “Yup. Josh Mosqueira […]Read More


Review: Onlive System

The idea of having a persistent streaming video game without any special requirements such as a dedicated console is something that consumers will be leaning towards in this digital age. The OnLive console provides one of the easiest ways to play the latest games with only an internet connection. This two-part system, one which is […]Read More