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Best Gaming Clip of the Week: Skyrim Arrow Trickshot

Each and every week, we’re searching all across the internet for the the best gaming clip of the week.  While we’ve seen a great amount of clips this week, only one clip can win each week.  Today, we bring to you an impressive clip by YouTube user MrTeamVideo. Rather than just do the “simple” headshot, […]Read More


Learn How to Steal Successfully in Skyrim

For most of the gaming population, it’s probably safe to say that you either attended a midnight launch last night or will be picking up Skyrim this weekend.  While not everyone will be picking it up, the shear number of people excited for the title is definitely impressive. Thanks to our friends over at VG247, a […]Read More


Skyrim Launches Tonight: What will you be ignoring?

When a game as massive as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launches, there’s usually something that’s going to be ignored for a few days.  While we’re sure that there are gamers who won’t be picking it up, there’s a massive amount that have been anxiously awaiting a few years for this day to arrive. Our question […]Read More


Gears of War Fan Creates Incredible Baird Suit

If you’re a fan of Gears of War, we’re sure you’re at least somewhat familiar with the wise-cracking Baird.  While some may hate Baird, the character definitely has a huge following of players that use him in multiplayer matches.  Taking their “love” for the character to all new heights, a Gears of War fanatic has created […]Read More