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Far Cry 3’s Co-op Detailed in Latest Trailer

Along with a campaign and multiplayer, gamers will also be able to partake in a cooperative mode for Far Cry 3.  The mode allows up to four players to participate in a campaign that takes place roughly six months before the singleplayer campaign. We got a taste of the mode out at E3 this year, […]Read More


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Video Heavy on Stealth

While Ghost Recon: Future Soldier isn’t a game completely about stealth, you have quite a few options on the battlefield.  The beauty of the series has always been giving you a ton of tools at your disposal and typically attacking the scenario how you see fit. The latest video released from Ubisoft today showcases a good bit […]Read More


Resident Evil 6 to Feature Multiplayer & 6 Player Co-op

Over the past two weeks, its hard to find a game that has received more attention than Resident Evil 6.  To rumors of its existence, to potential announcement, characters, and finally an announcement, there has been an absolute ton of coverage on the game.  With a title as potentially big as Resident Evil 6, the […]Read More


More Mass Effect Multiplayer Details Revealed

Call me crazy, but saying the words “Mass Effect” and “multiplayer” in the same sentence still seems a little off. It’s almost like “Detroit Lions” and “winning,” but the world hasn’t ended yet after those two have come together either (Granted, it may end in Mass Effect 3 regardless of how well the multiplayer turns […]Read More