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Borderlands 2 Boasts a 58-Hour Campaign

Remember the days of complaining about beating a game in five hours after spending sixty dollars on it? Well, if Gearbox has anything to say about it, you may be crying over not being able to finish Borderlands 2 this September. Though the original Borderlands released quite some time ago, many gamers are still playing it. […]Read More


Mark Lamia Comments on the Mass Effect 3 Ending

With the launch of Mass Effect 3 this year came great controversy.  A group of gamers did not agree with the ending of Mass Effect 3 and felt that BioWare should change how the game ends.  Controversy sparked, and BioWare eventually stated that they’ll release downloadable content that provides more light on the ending. Whether […]Read More


First Halo 4 Campaign & Multiplayer Details Confirmed

Halo fans, it’s time to get excited.  Game Informer’s upcoming issue will have a megaton of Halo 4 details when it hits shelves this month.  Lucky for you, the internet got their hands on the issue early and they’ve released information regarding the multiplayer. Rather than just a few tidbits, there’s quite a bit of […]Read More


New Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Trailer Looks Behind the Scenes

Microsoft’s 343 Industries has released a new trailer for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary that’s part retrospect, part behind the scenes of the upcoming game’s campaign mode. In the trailer, team members of 343 share their own personal experiences of the Halo series while detailing how key aspects the series have been carefully and intensively crafted […]Read More