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Bungie saw ‘Halo Wars’ as “whoring out the franchise”

While Halo Wars wasn’t the best selling Halo title to date, it did consist of some very good strategy game mechanics. However, Ensemble Studios’ last project wasn’t even meant to be an installment in the Halo franchise. In an interview with GI, Founder Tony Goodman praised the product but did give some lip about how Microsoft handled things. “Microsoft was pretty […]Read More


Promethean weapons displayed in ‘Halo 4’ video

We were recently introduced to the full arsenal that’s available to the Covenant in Halo 4, but now, Microsoft is ready to show off the new, exciting tools that come from the Prometheans. A dangerous and respected group of Warrior-Servants, the Prometheans will make their debut as enemies in 343 Industries’ first attempt at a Halo game. What […]Read More


Bungie Skipping This Year’s E3

Though leaks and reports detailing a project with the code name “Destiny” have been floating around the internet this week, Bungie has just stated on its blog that it will have no official presence at E3 this year. Some members of the team will be “lurking from booth to booth,” but in terms of details on […]Read More


Rumor: Bungie’s Next Game Releases in 2013

Bungie studios, who are well known for the Halo franchise have been secretly toiling away working on a new IP and have signed a contract with Activision publishing to produce the next four games. Today, as part of an unexpected move the LA Times have put the contract that was signed between both companies online […]Read More