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Official Box Art for Twisted Metal Unveiled

With the title launching in February, it was a little odd not to see any final box art for the new Twisted Metal title.  However, David Jaffe has decided to stop any further speculation by providing the box art in it’s near final form. From the fake mock-ups that we’ve seen online, we’re much more […]Read More


Anderson Silva Earns UFC 3 Cover Honor

If you’re not familiar with Anderson Silva, then there’s a good chance you’re not a fan of UFC.  Even the most casual fan of the sport fell in love with Silva when he kicked a recent opponent directly in the mouth with one of the most impressive knockouts we’ve seen.  Hardcore fans respect his work, […]Read More


EA Reveals Official Dead Space 2 Cover Art

Seeing a necromorph in the shadows isn’t exactly putting the odds in your favor, unless you’re Isaac Clarke.  After the success of the first Dead Space title, EA is preparing to launch the sequel to the survival-horror title next year. Though Dead Space 2 is apparently still quite some time away from hitting store shelves, […]Read More