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Box Art for Resident Evil 6 Unveiled

Resident Evil 6, the newest entry to Capcom’s storied and much-loved series, is just 130 days away from its official release. As a way to “stir the excitement,” the developer has released the final box art for the game via a post on Twitter. Not too much of a surprise here, as this is the […]Read More


Borderlands 2 Box Art & Special Editions Unveiled

This September, Borderlands 2 is set to take over your console.  The original title was an instant classic that made gamers who never cared about “loot” become crazy over the thought of collecting it. With only four months until Borderlands 2 goes live, 2K Games & Gearbox have announced special editions for the title.  Not […]Read More


Microsoft Releases Official Halo 4 Box Art

In just under six months, you’ll be able to get your hands on a new adventure in the Halo universe.  This November, Microsoft and 343 Industries will be releasing Halo 4 to the Xbox 360.  Midnight launches and release date delivery are being planned as we speak as fans are anxious to get back to […]Read More


Ubisoft Unveils Official Assassin’s Creed III Box Art

It’s an exciting few weeks for Assassin’s Creed fans.  Not only was Assassin’s Creed III announced and given a release date, but the main character for the game was also leaked to the internet last night. If you have been looking for more Assassin’s Creed III news today, we’re happy to bring you the official […]Read More


Unit 13 Release Date & Official Box Art Revealed

If you’re a fan of the Playstation Vita and don’t live in Japan, you’re anxiously awaiting for it to be available in your territory.  While the Playstation Vita is set to ship February 22nd, fans of the shooter genre will be awaiting March the 6th.  Why?  The release of a shooter, Unit 13, will be […]Read More