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New ‘Mass Effect’ announcement coming during 2013 VGAs

During the 2010 Video Game Awards, fans of the Mass Effect series were treated to the announcement and reveal of Mass Effect 3. The game ultimately saw a delay, but suffered from quite the controversial ending. While we’ve known for quite awhile that Commander Shepard won’t be involved in any future titles for the series, Bioware teased the […]Read More

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Matthew Bromberg is the new head of BioWare

EA has appointed Matthew Bromberg, former general manager of BioWare Austin, as the main person in charge of its BioWare label. He’ll be filling the position of former studio heads Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka, both of whom left BioWare last year. Zeschuk and Muzyka had been with BioWare for decades, having played key roles in […]Read More


‘Dragon Age Keep’ announced, save import solution for ‘Inquisition’

Bioware has announced Dragon Age Keep, which will allow players to “customize a historical world state” for the upcoming release of Dragon Age Inquisition. What does this mean? We’ll essentially be able to mold a save state to import into Inquisition. Similar tools already exist for other Bioware properties, mainly Mass Effect, but never in an official form. Keep lets you choose […]Read More


First ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ screenshot revealed

During EA’s E3 press conference, we finally received scattered details about the next entry in the Dragon Age saga. But, short of a very cinematic trailer, we didn’t really see much relevant in-game scenery. Well, in a recent staff blog post on Bioware’s official site, an actual screenshot was revealed. Check it out below, and be sure […]Read More


BioWare wants feedback on ‘Mass Effect 3’ multiplayer

BioWare wants to know what you think about Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer. The developer launched a survey, available until a week from today, meant to measure fans’ reactions to the mode. Individual maps are discussed, with various questions regarding difficulty and overall aesthetic quality. Multiplayer was a new addition to the popular series, leading many to initially […]Read More