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Leaked Documents Reveal That ‘Fallout 4’ Is In Development

After a hoax that—in the opinions of Fallout fans the world over—was little more than a statement of virtual false hope-inducing cruelty, an anonymous source has revealed that the previously stated series is to get a new installment. Currently in development, the latest addition of the Fallout series—first reported on Kotaku—is to be set on […]Read More


Zenimax trademarks ‘Void Engine’

Zenimax filed a trademark for “Void Engine Powered by Id Tech” last week, suggesting the company has developed a new game engine. Zenimax is the parent company of developer Bethesda, the team responsible for Elder Scrolls, current-gen Fallout titles and last year’s Dishonored. The application, filed Nov. 8 with the United States Patent & Trademark […]Read More


Bethesda trademarks ‘Fallout 4,’ countdown site launched

Start stockpiling your Rad-X and stimpacks and find the nearest underground bunker. Developer Bethesda has registered a trademark for Fallout 4 in Europe, leading some to the conclusion that an announcement may be imminent. A trademark in and of itself isn’t much cause for alarm, but it’s paired with the existence of a domain registered […]Read More