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‘Battlefield 4’ dinosaurs show up on DICE LinkedIn page

If you’ve seen the convention center that’s holding E3, you’ll notice a lot of Battlefield 4 signs but we might be getting a little more possibly. In the form of something we should have gotten since Battlefield 3: dinosaurs. On DICE’s LinkedIn page, a picture of dinosaurs being animated in a hiring description, searching for a new Technical […]Read More


Electronic Arts begins eliminating online passes

If you’ve been one of the many who has always despised online passes, today might just be like a second birthday for you. As a NeoGAF noticed that Electronic Arts had made various online passes for their title free. The passes which were previously listed for prices between 800 and 1200 Microsoft Points ($10 – […]Read More


‘Battlefield 4’ reveal in 90 days

If you enjoyed Battlefield 3 and want to get in on some more epic online multiplayer action, you are in luck: EA will be revealing information about the sequel “in about 90 days.” According to VideoGamer, EA said during its earnings call that while the publisher is not ready to talk about anything just yet, gamers […]Read More