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‘Battlefield 4’ reveal in 90 days

If you enjoyed Battlefield 3 and want to get in on some more epic online multiplayer action, you are in luck: EA will be revealing information about the sequel “in about 90 days.” According to VideoGamer, EA said during its earnings call that while the publisher is not ready to talk about anything just yet, gamers […]Read More


Battlefield is Now as Predictable as Madden

Remember the last time a big, blockbuster release was unearthed by little more than a side note on a pre-order banner? If you can’t think of an instance, think outside of the box for a second. Call of Duty and Assassin Creed games are expected to release each and every year, but the actual reveal of what […]Read More


Battlefield 4 Beta Hits Fall 2013

A few days ago, we reported on the “newly announced” beta for Battlefield 4. EA’s online Origin store essentially leaked the game’s existence through an image promoting Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and now we have even further evidence of what should be a massive shooter through a piece of developer commentary put out this morning. Danger Close’s […]Read More


Freddie Wong Delivers Battlefield 4 Interpretation Video

With EA releasing Battlefield 3 in only a few days, the genius Freddie Wong has delivered another exceptional video.  Freddie’s latest video shows an interpretation of “Battlefield 4”, and there’s tons of action included in the video.  As if the location wasn’t fantastic, the editing turns out to be exceptional as well. For those that […]Read More