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Armored Kill Gameplay Unveiled for Battlefield 3

With the release of the Close Quarters downloadable content, Battlefield 3 received a rejuvenation of sorts.  The game was popular before the release, but the DLC helped bring back players that had previously lost interest and moved on to another title. In September, fans of the series will receive the Armored Kill downloadable content which is centered […]Read More


Battlefield 3 Double XP Week Kicks Off Today

If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to grind a few levels on Battlefield 3, then now is the perfect time for you.  DICE & EA have announced that this week will contain double XP for Battlefield 3 players. If you’re a subscriber to Battlefield 3’s Premium service, you’ll have the double XP all […]Read More


Battlefield 3 Premium Hits 800,000 Subscriptions

It looks as if Call of Duty: Elite now has some serious competition in the multiplayer online service department, as EA’s premium Battlefield program has reached 800,000 buyers in just over two weeks. “We are very pleased with the performance so far,” said EA Games chief Patrick Soderlund in a recent interview with USA Today. “It […]Read More


Battlefield 3 Premium Trailer Leaks Out Early

For a few weeks now, rumors have swirled about a premium service coming to Battlefield 3.  With Battlefield 3 launching last October, it’s a little odd that a paid service would be coming to the title nearly nine months after its release. If you had any doubt, it appears that it can just about be officially […]Read More


Battlefield 3 to Receive Double XP This Weekend

For Battlefield 3, a new kind of weekend event is set to hit the title.  This weekend, gamers on Battlefield 3 will be able to earn double XP in their multiplayer matches. It’s a little different from what fans of the first-person genre may have grown accustomed to, however.  Instead of the event starting today […]Read More


Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 Update Goes Live

Fans of Battlefield 3 have been looking forward to finally receiving the latest patch on their console.  DICE & EA have officially released the Battlefield 3 update today which has a rather extensive list of fixes. One of the bigger features that goes live with the patch is the ability to rent servers.  When you […]Read More