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Best Gaming Clip of the Week: BF3 Alborz Mountains Cinematic

There’s something fantastic about a video that’s put together in an impressive manner.  For this week’s Best Gaming Clip of the Week segment, we’re bringing you a clip from Battlefield 3’s latest downloadable content. The content showcases Alborz Mountains in a cinematic perspective.  The creator of the video, YouTube user Sharpless512, states that the video is from non-scripted […]Read More


Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Achievements/Trophies and Assignments

As always, DICE has released the achievements/trophies and assignments, both Premium and free, for their upcoming add-on. Armored Kill will feature the largest environments in Battlefield history, a stark contrast to the last content drop, Close Quarters. We’ll cut right to the achievments, the stuff that really matters for all you completionists out there. ACHIEVEMENTS/TROPHIES IN ARMORED […]Read More


Join Our Battlefield 3 Server Today

Finding a quality server on Battlefield 3 can be frustrating at times, but that’s why we’re here to help.  For the next 24 hours, we’ll be hosting a Battlefield 3 server completely for our community. We’ll play a variety of maps, but you can always vote for new maps to be thrown into the rotation […]Read More


Best Gaming Clip of the Week: GTA V in Battlefield 3

When Rockstar released the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, fans easily freaked out.  More dissections, videos analyzing the trailer, and articles were created for a game without a release date than you’ve seen in quite some time. The trailer just happened to be so impressive that YouTube user KETEGANO15 decided to recreate it within […]Read More


First Battlefield 3: Aftermath Details Emerge

With Armored Kill details being fully fleshed out recently, DICE is beginning to tease Aftermath which will take place in post-earthquake Tehran as gamers partake in a “continuing struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation.” The four maps that the content will ship focus heavily on “vertical and horizontal urban combat. . .with cracks […]Read More