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‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ to receive major patch soon

The new round of Batman video game titles have received massive success, critical acclaim, and a major fanbase. These were a bit less pronounced, however, with the latest title, Batman: Arkham Origins. One of the biggest factors of the slightly-more-than-lukewarm success has been the game’s technical issues. However, these are about to be addressed by developer […]Read More


‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ on PC will not use GFWL

Batman: Arkham Origins on PC will not use Games for Windows – Live, Microsoft’s online gaming service for PC, according to a report from IGN. While Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City both used GFWL on the PC, Batman: Arkham Origins will instead use Valve’s Steamworks for the use of achievements and multiplayer. This […]Read More