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Impressive New Deadlight Trailer Released

If Deadlight hasn’t been very high on your radar before this trailer, we forgive you.  There’s been a solid amount of buzz, but most of the world hasn’t caught wind of what looks to be a fantastic arcade title. Upon seeing today’s trailer, you’ll be quickly reminded of three arcade titles: Limbo, Shadow Complex, and […]Read More


Trials Evolution Receives a New Gameplay Trailer

For anyone who has played Trials HD, it’s very easy to notice how simple the concept of the game is but how addictive it becomes.  As you start off with simplistic levels, you’ll soon find yourself yelling at your screen when you crash near the end of a level. While Trials HD was fantastic, Trials […]Read More


Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Official Achievements

Next month, Alan Wake will return to your Xbox 360.  While the first title took years to complete, the downloadable “sequel” of sorts will be launching as part of Xbox Live Arcade’s 2012 House Party. On February 22nd, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will officially launch on the Xbox Live Arcade for only 1200 Microsoft Points. […]Read More


Xbox Live Deal Of The Week: Legendary Warriors

A new Xbox Deal Of The Week is set to go live in a few hours. While you’re probably too concerned with the release of Modern Warfare 3 this week to even bother with the Xbox Live Arcade, we’re still letting you know what Microsoft has to offer. The deal theme is Legendary Warriors which […]Read More