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‘Circuit Panic’ Review

The blossoming mobile gaming market has seen an impressive variety of titles come to devices over its relatively short lifespan. Lately there have been more and more huge 3D action games and racers, but most of these are simply too much for a mere phone. Vinyl Games Studio Inc. has opted to return to a […]Read More


Ouya coming to GameStop and Best Buy in June

The Ouya, a much-discussed Android game console that was funded last year through the Kickstarter service, will be sold at GameStop and Best Buy stores this June. CEO Julie Uhrman let The Wall Street Journal know of this big news in a recent interview, where she discussed partnerships with more than the two major retailers mentioned above. Deals […]Read More


Disney’s ‘Infinity’ is cross-platform sandbox experiment

A few days ago, Disney Studios sent out invitations for a January press event during which the company plans to reveal its new “gaming initiative,” Infinity. With such a bold term, it’s hard not to wonder what Disney has planning, and according to a series of images and videos leaked to Polygon.com, now we know. Disney’s Infinity is set […]Read More