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Adam Sessler was fired from G4 without explanation

Plenty of drama surrounded the industry after TV personality Adam Sessler split ways with G4, but little context for the situation was given at the time. Now that the once gamer-focused network has become a men’s channel, Sessler is ready to openly question his abrupt, unexplained firing. A contract dispute was one reason floating around […]Read More

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Adam Sessler joins Revision3

Adam Sessler has been a widely-known entity in the gaming sphere for the longest time. From ZDTV to TechTV’s Extended Play, later X-Play and the former network being eaten up by G4, Sessler’s been in this industry for 14 years. Now that Sessler left G4 earlier this year, what’s he been up to? He’s got […]Read More


Noobz Movie Screening and Red Carpet Photos

While most of the hype surrounding E3 is behind closed door game appointments and grabbing rare swag items, it can also be a great opportunity to screen movies. The upcoming independent movie “Noobz” (Rated R) is directed and written by Blake Freeman who also stars in the movie. The movie is based on four friends […]Read More