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Official Achievements for Resident Evil 6

This October 2nd we’ll be able to once again jump into the weird, zombie infested world of Resident Evil. Set in 2013, Resident Evil 6 will give players control of multiple characters as they hop around the world and try to uncover the latest mysteries surrounding the undead menace. There’s quite a few achievements this time […]Read More


Official Achievements for Madden NFL 13

Come this August, most of the United States will partake in a holiday favorite known as Maddenoliday.  American football fans usually find their way to midnight releases for the upcoming release of the Madden NFL series, and seem to also find an excuse not to make it to work the next day. As we prepare for […]Read More


Official Achievements for NHL 13

With Electronic Arts releasing the next installment in the NHL franchise in September, Xbox360Achievements has found the achievements which once again put a spotlight on Create A Pro and Online Pro. With 47 achievements totaling 1000 points, you’ll have your work cut out for you as some of these will require multiple Be A Pro […]Read More


Official Darksiders 2 Achievements

With the upcoming release of Darksiders 2 approaching quickly on August 14, 2012. Fans can get an inside look at what they will be doing when controlling the cloaked figure known as Death thanks to Xbox360Achievements.org. There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points and since most of the achievements are marked as […]Read More


Official Achievements for Hybrid

Launching next month as part of the Summer of Arcade promotion, shooter fans will be in for a treat.  Giving you jetpacks and chest high walls, it’s an interesting title that any shooter fans has to be intrigued by.  We’ve even included gameplay of Hybrid for you in our forums. As the release date draws […]Read More