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Official Achievements for Skylanders Giants

So how about that Skylanders game? Apparently, Activision’s crazy idea to make a game powered by and starring physical toys on a miniature portal was a winner, so naturally a second game is coming. Here is the list of official achievements for Skylanders Giants, brought to you by the gargantuan talent over at Xbox 360 Achievements. […]Read More


Official Achievements for NBA 2K13

This October, it’s extremely likely that your afternoons will be filled with quite a bit of NBA 2K13.  2K Sports announced a few gameplay changes recently that are sending the series in the right direction, and we still haven’t heard of the full feature list. As you continue to count down the days until the […]Read More


Official Achievements for Halo 4

You’ve been counting down until the launch of Halo 4 for quite some time now.  While you have it down to the weeks, days, and hours until the release, you’re still craving more information on the game to hold you over. That’s where we come in, as we have the official achievements for Halo 4. […]Read More


Official Achievements for Tekken Tag Tournament 2

It’s been over ten years since the original release of Tekken Tag Tournament, and we’re finally approaching the console launch of the game’s sequel. As the name suggests, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 differentiates itself from the regular Tekken series by pitting teams of two against each other, using a tag mechanic seen in many other popular fighters. Arcades […]Read More