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‘Minecraft 360’ Adventure Update “Weeks Away”

Because of its PC origins, no one was really surprised when the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft started to take a backseat to the original. That said, the two games are about to become a whole lot closer in scope as developer 4J Studios prepares to roll out Minecraft 360’s Adventure Update. 4J tweeted the following earlier today, […]Read More


Minecraft Skin Pack 2 Launching Friday

Players of the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft can expect the second skin pack to release this Friday for 160 Microsoft Points ($2). It will contain 45 skins, most of which have already been unveiled. However, there are still nine skins which remain secret and will be revealed tomorrow. So stay tuned for more information! What skins […]Read More


More Upcoming Minecraft Skins Revealed

PlayXBLA has given us yet another sneak peak behind the upcoming Minecraft skins included in Skin Pack 2. It will consist of 45 total skins and will once again set you back 160 Microsoft Points ($2). Today’s announcement reveals five more of the skins which it will contain including: Gammabros Zapp, Otus – Owlboy, Glorg, Blue Knight – Castle Crashers, and Gammabros […]Read More


When it Comes to Minecraft 360, Size Matters

If the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is going to keep building on the success of the PC smash-hit, 4J Studios will have its hands full very soon. When the PC edition of the game received the highly anticipated “Adventure Update,” fans were reinvigorated by the new content. Until this point, the limited world size hasn’t affected […]Read More


Minecraft 1.7.3 Bug Fix Patch Notes

The fourth title update for Minecraft (XBLA) is almost upon us as 4J Studios has revealed what will be in the 1.7.3 Bug Fix update. Now that we’ve seen the whole pattern, it appears as if the team plans on updating the game, patching it, and then updating again. As for how long this process […]Read More